Monday, 30 April 2018

Walking with Clouds meet - 28th April 2018

Clouds are fun

Gus and Gregory, Brae and me all waiting for the sossage rolls top come out.

Iffin you run up and down this boardwalk enough - it drives the ogres crazy

Mum is in the land of Extacy

Everybody needs a cold rinse after a run in the woods.

Good job we is not sheep else we would shrink like a woolly jumper.

There is a stink of garlic, eever that or somebody did a little toot.

Ahhhhh.... luxurious bathe in a mineral bath - why isn't anybody else coming in?

A herd of ...................erm ......................Samoyeds

We spotted a poo bin that needed us all to wee on it

First stop pond - and last stop pond (with a little pond stop in the middle)
that's why we all luffs Jeskyns Park

Make room for all of us then...

22nd April - Taking advantage of the lovely sun-shine.

It was a lully hot day

This is me havin a fragrant barth

Bruvver Brae also needed to raise his fragrance levels

This is the view from between mine earses looking towards some hill or anuvver

This is the hill looking back at me..

This is the lovely Hargate Forest just on the borders of Tunbridge Wells

This is Braes fluffy butt on he borders of decency

Sometimes we spots a slippery serpent sliding in the undergrowth - sometimes we just spots a flutterby that needs a good lookin at

C'mon Brae, I know where there is a giant wood ants nest that needs digging up

What th... next fing you know, we is whisked off to the sea - I fink mum and dad didn't like our new 'forest fragrance'

Its a bit of a scramble to get to Cow Gap.. plus, there are no flippin cows here.

But there is the loverly sea that is good for an impromptu sploot

Fluffy butt Sunday

Grazing the high peaks on the Downs - dunno why, I don't even like grass

WHAAA........... Nap attack

April 28th Gad-a-bout at Harrisons Rocks.

A rainy weekend takes us off to Groombridge Forest to catch sight of the new Blue Bellies

Brae is an anagram of Bear and Bears poop in the woods. Bruvver Brae is enhancing the fragrance of the Blue Bellies

Now he finks he has conquered them and is relishing his Kingly moment

We stopped for a quick pose - Brae has heard the distant squeak of a squiggle so he cant concentrate on his smile.

We finked this is a picture that Constable would paint.......erm.........if he wasn't already dead.

We is playing a game of follow the leader. Today I are the leader and Brae is my minion

Rocks off

AAAARRRGGGG an normous great hooty fing came trundling past smoking a giant fag..

Thursday, 19 April 2018

14th April - Jevington, Seven Sisters and Friston Forest 27km hike - Clockwise

First hot day of the year
Me and Brae were waiting in the car for everybody to turn up. Brae couldn't help letting out a little BORK, I just did a blep.

After the first hill, we was happy to find a pond in the sky. 

Brae finked you would like to see his belly - not sure if even him knows where that is...!

I is not flaked out, I is just doin an enjoy with my white fur and soft grass

This is the famous Beachy Head - just anuvver hill to me and Brae.

nonetheless, we both enjoy the view

We is always at the back cos dad keeps doin a stop to take the piccies. It takes about half a flippin mile to catch up again, specially when you are walking at Braes pace.

This is a charming picture of mine Floopy. one is for listenin backwards, the other is for listenin sidewards.

The cloud crashed into the cliff and burst all its droplets over the grass.

Me and Brae is doin a contemplate - we is contemplating whether we can be arsed to walk up anuvver hill

Ahh... a light stack - hold the phone.... some dogsbody has eated all the food.

We is havin a cruise through the abandoned samich boxes.

Don't look at Braes fat-belly-gut-bucket, look at the Lifeguards cottages behind - this is after all a cultural blog.

The lonely walk through Friston Forest gives Brae the chance to ponder a while. Brae is finkin what ponder means.

We walked in a clockwise motion cos we didn't want to go back in time.

Monday, 12 March 2018

11th March - East Kent beaches

Botany Bay and Kingsgate Bay

This is our mum.....nuff said

Brae said he didn't want to sit still for this he didn't..!!

Castle behind us was built in the 1760's - Brae doesn't give a monkeys cos he doesn't remember that far back

Dad said 'DAMMIT Brae .......will you sit still for just one moment'

This me being one of Mrs White Hens chicks

Brae said he was off to collect some sand in his underbelly (which is very close to the ground)

I finded an interestin lump of rock that had probably been wee'd on by every dog in the neighbourhood

Brae is resistin the temptation to do a heckin run off -  steady boi...

This was dads favourite view. Probably because it was from the pub garden.

I don't know what this hole is called.

We did a bit of wunnin about in the sea.

One of these is mum with her Mothers Day happy face on - the other one is a big fluffy bum.

Because it is a special day. we are keeping mum company.....but not for long. Ready, Set, Leggit-lill

There is lots of slippery sea-weeds growing over the rocks. I did do Brae a frighten by tellin him that them sneaksy pelicans live in the weed and would gobble him up iffin he strayed from the path. He cried like a boo-baby and ran to shore

Brae is keeping an eye out for them pesky Pelicans

You has got to have wide apart eyeses for this picture..

Mum is guarding this hole

Hold the phone..... haven't I sniffed this rock before...............nah..... its got a different whiff about it